Hurricane Safety Tips while Cleaning Up


hurricane safety tips





Hurricane Safety Tips while Cleaning Up -We at ServiceMaster Restore by the Griffin Company would like to update you on some steps to protect yourself and your loved ones during your Clean Up after a hurricane, flood, or other natural disaster.

First of all, make sure you have the right safety gear to wear for the Clean Up

  • Hard hats
  • Goggles
  • N95 masks (or a respirator with a higher protection level)
  • Heavy work gloves
  • Waterproof boots with steel toe and insole (not just steel shank)
  • Earplugs or protective headphones (if you’re working with noisy equipment)
  • At least two fire extinguishers (each with a UL rating of at least 10A)

Have teams of at least 2 people working together to move heavy and bulky objects.

Pace Yourself. Cleaning up your home can be a big job. Be sure to take care of yourself:

  • Rest when you need to.
  • Decide which cleanup tasks are most important and focus on those first. That way, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed.
  • Get help lifting heavy or bulky objects. If you lift too much on your own, you could hurt yourself.
  • Try to work with other people, so you aren’t alone.
  • Get support from family members, friends, counselors, or therapists.

When using a chain saw, always follow manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to wear appropriate protective gear and be sure that bystanders are a safe distance away.

Avoid contact with power lines and take extra care in cutting trees or branches that are bent or caught under something else.

Use extreme caution to avoid electrical shock when using an electric chain saw.

If the weather is hot outdoors try to stay cool by going indoors when possible in an air-conditioned building to rest and revive. Also try and do most of the work in the cooler hours of the day.

We at ServiceMaster Restore by the Griffin Company hope that this information was helpful. Please remember we are here a disaster occurs to help you get your home or offices back in shape quickly. Please visit our website at to learn more about us and all our services.

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