When someone invades or intentionally damages your structure, it’s an emotional blow as well as a financial one. We at ServiceMaster Restoration by The Griffin Company understand that. Caring and consideration go hand in hand with quick, efficient vandalism cleanup.

We’re here to help restore your structure – and restore your peace of mind. Our courteous, efficient professionals remove graffiti and other substances from walls, floors and furniture without adding to your anxiety.

Keep the Damage to a Minimum

After the authorities have left, call us for professional help (251.473.7766) in cleaning and restoring the damages. If you choose, below are a few steps you can take until we get there:

  • Wash egg or other residue off the building using water.
  • Remove debris or food from interior walls, carpeting and furniture. When dealing with fabrics, scrape or blot stains – do not rub.
  • Vacuum broken glass from floors and furniture with a shop vacuum. Always wear closed-toed shoes when broken glass is involved.
  • Make a list of damages.

  • Do NOT attempt to remove chemical stains, such as paint or ink.
  • Do NOT use damaged electrical appliances.
  • Do NOT discard damaged wood chips or other small articles. They may be useful for repairs.
  • Do NOT use household cleaning products on fabrics, upholstery or carpet without consulting a professional cleaning service.

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