Hurricanes and Water Damage


hurricanes and water damage





Hurricanes and Water Damage- Hurricane Season is here. Hurricane season is known for a lot of rain – August thru November is the peak of the season. When the rainstorms are heavy and occur several days in a row, your home can be exposed to long-term rain and water damage.

Your roof is the first line of defense against most weather conditions, especially rain. Check your roof for loose shingles, soft spots, and surface divots. One crack in your roof can lead to a roof leak and then further internal damage to your walls and ceilings.

To avoid rain getting inside your home or water damage to your home’s foundation, it is crucial to have a well running gutter system in place. Keep your gutters clean to avoid clogging and water overflow. You can direct your downspouts away from the foundation of your home and guide the water to a garden or vegetation. Clean gutters and the proper use of downspouts will keep your home’s foundation intact.

It is key to keep rainwater runoff away from your home’s foundation. The ground surrounding your home should be sloping downward away from the foundation. When the rainwater puddles around your home, the water seeps into the ground and can crack the foundation.

Installing a rainwater catchment system is another option for handling rain water. Essentially the rain water travels from the gutter, through the downspout, and into the tank or barrel helping prevent water damage.

Water damages are some of the most costly damages to your home. If not treated immediately, you will have serious long-term damages that might need serious repairs. Stay prepared and prevent water damage before it is too late.

When water enters your home and has caused damage to your home’s interior, we at ServiceMaster Restoration by the Griffin Company are here to help. We insure proper handling and removal of all water and observe for mold and odor possibilities caused by the water. In addition to water damage restoration, we do mold remediation and insure odor removal. We service all of Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama as well as the Pensacola Florida area. Please visit our website at to learn about us and all the services we offer.



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